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As a child, my neighborhood best friend and I would spend hours creating treasures for ourselves.  Many of those items were common left over materials we had available to us like empty spools, cotton, cardboard, fabric scraps, clothes pins, pipe cleaners and anything we could get our hands on that looked interesting.   We would make paper mache pumpkins with flour and newspaper for a Halloween party, wrap clothes pins with cotton for ornaments and glue any two things together and call it Barbie furniture.  We held neighborhood sidewalk sales trying to peddle our creations.   I was struck by creativity young.

In the late 90's, I joined a local painter's guild where I learned toll painting. In between carpools and sports, I would paint and explore different mediums of art.  My love of folk art was born at that time. I had a New England born fellow painter in the painter's guild teach me theorem painting and through that connection I also started experimenting with spun cottons and wool pieces as ornaments. Another painter friend had a hobby farm where the wool was plentiful for doll making.  I sold my creations locally back then through small shows and consignments and then put the urges away when it was time to enter the working world (i.e. college tuition was calling).

Here I am, years later (they all graduated college -- hooray!) picking up where I left off; creating art. My home studio is in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and is where each piece is handcrafted, hand painted by me and made with pure joy.  My sometimes whimsical creations are often inspired by folk art and antique/vintage holiday home decor (some of which I collect).  I still love to use recycled pieces I find like a flannel shirt that was headed for the trash cut up for a snowman scarf or using a found trinket that was separated from it's original source as an accessory for Santa to hold.   I am grateful for the opportunity to create for you.